My Marriage, and Other Dead Things

Aubrey Sampson is hosting a series on marriage that is candid, raw, and full of redemption and hope. Great for anyone who is married or anyone thinking that it might be fun to try, this series comes at you like a spoonful of Buckley’s cough syrup, or a twenty-pound King James Bible to the chin. Either way, it’ll clear your head.

Recently I was honored with an invitation from Aubrey to submit a guest post for this series. A perfect opportunity for me to dispell all those nasty rumours about me having my crap together? How could I resist?!

Seriously though, this is about flawed human beings trying to love one another, screwing it up, and finding out that with God, forgiveness is just the beginning.

Come have a read, and join the conversation!


2 thoughts on “My Marriage, and Other Dead Things”

  1. God promised to regrow all the locusts had eaten. He’s done that for you, Bill, and for me…when I sought Him with all my heart. Can’t wait to see what these new adventures with Him will bring for the both of us. Blessings on you and yours.

  2. I did take advantage of your invitation, Bill, to read your guest post on Aubrey’s blog; and I sit here very humbled and thankful. I too, do not have it all together but am recognizing the love of the Father and learning how to live in it, like you are. Thank you for your honest and forthright words. I am thankful that I get to know you a little bit,and thankful that you are willing and able to share your journey. May God continue to be with you and yours.

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