Christmas Prayer

I wonder (when I get the chancecandle
To rest from tired Christmas dance)
How your parents once spent the day
Just looking for a place to stay,
While I curse crowd and credit card
And pampered life that I call hard.

Why is it hard to utter thanks
As I rush off toward the banks
That hoard my gold at int’rest high
As others on my crumbs rely?

Untouched by hunger this season
Dare I speak excuse or reason
To bow not in humility
That barely clothed you came for me?
Your stable bed a warmer place
Than the cold hearts of our sad race.

You did not come to unwrap gifts
But loosen chains and unclench fists,
That we might be children of God;
Born of more than this broken sod.

Christ I beg you, let us hear it-
The wind of your gentle Spirit.
Lord let us be in spirit poor
And meet you on that stable floor
And walk with you in life and death,
And rise again with Easter breath.

One thought on “Christmas Prayer”

  1. Betty writes:
    “One sentence in your blog especially grabbed my attention this morning, Bill: “YOU (Jesus) did not come to unwrap gifts, but loosen chains and unclasp fists”. ‘Thank YOU JESUS, that this fact is truth.’ I think the sad truth is that it is often easier for us (me) to wrap up a gift rather than offer a gift of forgiveness, of mercy, of love, especially to those we live the closest to. ‘So indeed JESUS, I need YOU to do in me what YOU came to do: loosen chains and unclasp fists, so i can offer more to those around me, of what really matters-gifts that matter for eternity!’”

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