Dark Gifts and Dead Things

My little brother has a dark gift. It was spawned in the furnace of our childhood rivalry; exposed when I found my new remote control truck disassembled in the dimly lit corner of his closet. His curiosity about how things work melded with an inborn ability to take risks, and thirty years later he has his own automotive repair business.

Kevin’s shop has three bays which I like to call Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Vehicles that enter there are tested in the fire of his 40-point inspection. All come out changed (unless someone refuses to pay the bill, I suppose.)

I have to admit that I’m proud of my brother. He graduated at the top of his apprenticeship class. He started his own shop so that he could inject his industry with a dose of integrity. His customers are treated with dignity, respect, and honesty.

And he reminds me of Jesus.

Last week I wrote about the need to take responsibility for the decisions that cause our pain. A wise reader pointed out that not all suffering is a result of personal failure, and I concur. The broken headlight on my Chevrolet was caused by someone else’s bumper, when my car was stationary. In a city of a million people, the ability to get your car home in one piece has just as much to do with everyone else’s driving skills as your own.

Never been in an accident? Fine, but you still have to accept the fact the every time you start your engine, your car is trying to set itself on fire. The thing is going to break down.

Here’s my question: how is your mechanic? Do you even have one? Remember, a good automotive technician is marked not only by how many cars go in broken, but by how many come out fixed.

And, like last week… so it goes with life.

I don’t think the only reason you should take your brokenness to Jesus is because He died. I believe you can trust Him because He came back to life.

God likes to resurrect dead things.




It’s what He does, and He’s good at it. When are you going to trust Him with yours?

2 thoughts on “Dark Gifts and Dead Things”

  1. Yes, so true. Last week I suffered from an ear ache for the whole week. I was laying in bed one morning realizing that I never even took the time to pray about it, just complain about it. Sometimes I think that living in such a wealthy culture, we forget to depend on Him. Sad really.

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